Saturday, October 23, 2010

key01-yaaJewlery Box Cake


4" X 5" Jewlery box cake with pearl necklace
Other colors and brand can be changed upon request

key01-yaaOwl cake


This owl is not the Owl professior, it is the Owl the nighter.
6" owl cake, light chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream


key01-yaaSexiest cake for 18+


It was my friend Jacky's birthday,
I wanted to make him something special,
First I was thinking the Bat Mobile
but it is too much work in such a short time,

So I was thinking, what do guys like except cars?
Women! It has to be a sexy woman too..
End up with some fishnet..

This cake is for 18+ only
Please contact me for more details hehe'

Customized fondant cake, chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream

key01-yaaFalls Afternoon tea party


Felt like baking once again.
This time I did not prepare much.
I did not have a menu; I did not plan for decoration; I did not remember I invited my friends over till the morning.
After I got up, I spent one hour in grocery store,
grabbed all the key ingredients for a tea party.


I realized people actually prefer to have more savory than sweet in the afternoon.
So I got puff pastry, filos, asparagus, Italian aged prosciutto, a baguette and fresh Cali strawberries.

All time cake
Something I always have at home are sugar, egg and flour
First thing I made, was to make the sponge cake batter,
pour half in one mold (6")
and then add 2 Tsp of cocoa powder to the other half to create another chocolate flavour sponge cake (6").
When they are done, let cool
Use whip cream and strawberry to decorate

Asparagus filo pie
In the meanwhile, I cook 4 mini potatoes in microwave for 3 mins
Very easy, wash the potatoes, cover them and set your microwave timer.
Smashed them with 1/3 cup of cheese and 1/4 of 35% cream,
I like the skin so I just leave them inside
Oh! I secretly added 1 egg too
Give it a magical pinch of salt and pepper.

Next, butter down some filo on a pie mold (I used about 3Tsp of melted butter and 6 layers of filo)
spread your yummy smashed potato inside.
One last step, lay the beautiful asparagus on the potato bed
Bake 360'F until its golden.
Let cool for 30min before removing from the mold
tare prosciutto on top before serving

Turkey salad sandwich, in French style!
Next thing I did, was to cut up 1/2 a cup of cooked turkey breast with SCISSORS(Thanksgiving was only a few days ago, Why not using them!?)
save your time cleaning a knife and cutting board, wink wink!
To season them, use 1/2 Tsp of whole grain Dijon mustard, 1.5 Tsp of mayo
I just made a quick turkey salad
let the turkey salad, roman lettuce and tomato to dance inside the baguette
(You could use some butter on the bread, they are best friend forever!)

Raspberry cheesecake mini pastries
By this time, my two cakes and asparagus pie are done,
I took half a brick of cream cheese (125g) and mix with 2 Tsp of homemade raspberry jam
Some lemon juicy if you like
Cut the puff pastry into squares( about 3"X3"),
fill them with the brilliant cheese cake-like-filling
I made triangles with them
Use the fork to close all sides,
poke a few holes on top to allow the steam to escape
Brush egg wash on top, sprinkle a little sugar to make them pretty
360'F Bake until golden.

I was done within 3.5 hours.
All my friends had a great time!


Friday, October 8, 2010

key01-yaaLeopard Cake


9" Leopard round fondant cake, greentea cake with vanilla buttercream

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