Friday, May 21, 2010

key01-yaaMarshmallow fondant cake - LV




As mom request, she wants a super Louis Vuitton cake for her friend
I found many inspiration on the Internet
and decided to make a simple one
I do not have the time to order a printed chocolate with the monogram
So Royal icing is the way to go =)
The cake turned out pretty good
It is sponge cakelayer coffee butter cream
(for the sponge cake I bake them in two 6" pan, and cut off 1/4 of the bottom to create the shape for this purse)
for the marshmallow fondant you can review the post here
I simply just add cocoa powder when I knead it instead of using icing sugar to get the brown leather color

In this post, I will teach you how to make royal icing without egg

Royal icing Recipe:
Meringue powder 20g (you can get this at bulk barn or other baking supply store)
Warm water 100g ( I used tap water)
Icing sugar(sifted) 600g (add more if needed)

The reason of why I say add more if need is because the consistency of icing would change depends on the temperature and weather

1- First mix meringue powder and warm water on a large bowl, whisk until foamy
2- Continue mixing on mid speed, you want all the liquid is gone
3- On a low speed, slowly mix in icing sugar, 1/3 at a time
4- Before using the icing you must cover up the icing with a damp cloth to prevent it from drying, royal icing crust very fast, if they have sit there for more then 15min you need to stir it a little for a smooth consistency


Thursday, May 20, 2010

key01-yaaCoffee Swiss Roll




Coffee swiss roll is a match for your today's afternoon tea,
rather you'd like to invite your friends over or give it to your neighbour as a gift,
this is just so perfect!
I simplely just modify the original recipe for a little to change it into a coffee swiss roll
This recipe make about 3 rolls

Sponge Sheet recipe:
Large Egg white 4
Cream of tarta 1 pinch
Sugar 85g

Yolk 3
Sugar 20g
Salt 1g
Coffee powder 1 Tsp + Milk 40g (microwave for 20sec)
Vegetable oil 40g

Pastry flour 85g
Baking powder 2g

1- Mix yolk, sugar 85g, salt, milk and oil together
2- Sift flour and baking powder, add into yolk mixture, stir to combine
3- Whip egg white to foam, add cream of tartar and slowly add sugar, beat until a peak
can form
4- Add 1/3 of the white mixture to yolk mixture, fold in
5- Tranfer all the yolk mixture to the rest of the white, fold in
6- Spread the mixture on 2 baking sheets quickly, and smooth it out
7- Bake 380'F for 15min

I know many recipes do not recoment using salted butter for any dessert,
but I found it quite tasty in this recipe.

Butter cream coffee Filling:
Icing sugar 2 cups (sifted)
Salted butter 150g (room temperture)
Coffee powder 1Tsp + Warm water 25ml
vanilla extract 1/2 tsp

1- Cut butter into small cubes, whisk with a egg beater or hot plate
2- Add half of the icing sugar, continue mixing, when they are well combined, add the rest of it and mix on low speed, scrap the bottom, make sure everything is mixed
3- When your butter cream is nice and fluffy, on high speed add vanilla and your coffee a tsp at a time until finish (do not spend more than 3 min on this last process)

You can spread it very thinly on your sponge sheet and roll it up
Lastly, sprankle a little icing sugar on the top of the roll


key01-yaaRaisin Bread




I am posting more bread recipes for you who has no bread machine.
Because I don't too, haha
And I also kind of enjoy the kneading process of bread making.
So here is a Raisin bread recipe.
From this last baking experience,
this dough is very moist,
I believe it will be easier to make and separate the dough into 2 different baking pans.

Instant dry yeast 2tsp
Warm water 100g

All purpose flour 380g
Sugar 45g
Salt a pinch
Water 100ml
Egg 1
Milk powder 1tsp

Melted butter 20g
Raisin 80g (soak in water for 10min, drain)

1- Add dry yeast to the warm water, stir and let it sit for 5min
2- Mix flour, sugar, salt, mix powder in a large bowl, make a hole in the center and add water, egg and yeast mixture, stir with the back of a wooden spoon
3- When they are all combined, use your hand to form the dough into a ball, brush a large bowl with the butter, place the dough inside and cover up with plastic wrap, let it rise for 1 hour
4- Punch all the air out, make it into 2 ball, reshape, cover up and let it rise for 15min
5- Next, roll out the dough on a floured surface, add raisin and roll up into a loaf, put in the bread baking pan and let rise for 30min
6- Brush egg wash on the dough (optional) Bake 360'F for 20min


key01-yaaFrench Baguette



Oh the bread make your house smell so good
The crust on the outside and the softness from the inside
Picture the garlic spread on a toasted baguette, YUMMY!

So lets make it without a bread machine
Instant dry yeast 5g
Warm water 180ml ( I used tap water)
Sugar 1pinch
Bread Flour 300g
Oil 1Tsp
Salt 6g
Corn starch 1Tsp + Water 210ml

1- Add dry yeast and sugar to the warm water, stir and let it sit for 5min
2- Bread flour in a large bowl, make a hole in the middle and stir in the yeast mixture with the back of a wooden spoon or a wooden chopstick
3- Use your hand and knead the dough till you get a smooth surface, around 5min
4- Grase a large bowl with oil, place the dough inside, cover up with plastic wrap, sit in a warm place for 2 hours
5- Sprinkle flour on the working surface, punch all the air out off the dough, cut it in halves, roll into a ball, and flatten it to 0.5cm thick, roll it up again to form a long baguette shape
6- Place the 2 baguette on a baking sheet, sprinkle some water, let it rise for 1 hour
7- Before baking, make 3 smooth cut on the bread, brush corn starch mixture on the bread, repeat brushing the bread every 5min, bake 360'f for 15min

key01-yaaOrange Cheese cake




I made this new york cheese cake with a kick of orange!
I used Oreo crumb instead of Graham cracker,
it gives a great color contrast to the cake
First of all, I substitute half amount of the sugar with orange jam.
I also added 2 Tsp of orange juice to the cake.

Here is the recipe:
Oreo crumb 120g
Unsalted butter (melted) 70g
Cream cheese (room temperature) 450g
Eggs 5
Orange juice 2 Tsp
Sugar 60g
Orange jam 60g
6inch baking pan

1- Mix melted butter with Oreo crumb, use a spoon to flatten it on the baking pan, keep in the freezer
2- Beat the cream cheese until light and fluffy, add sugar, continue mixing
3- Slowly add eggs to the cream cheese mixture one at a time, add orange juice and jam at the end and stir well
4- Pour the mixture in the baking pan
5- Bake in the hot water bath 260'F for 1 hr 15min
6- Run a pairing knife around the edge let it cool and put in the fridge

sugar 1/2 cup
water 2Tsp
5 slices of thin orange

1- Cook the sugar and water in medium heat, drop the orange slices
2- On a low heat cook for 15min, turn frequently
3- Cool on a baking sheet


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

key01-yaaStreet Vendor!



Recently, I just found out a super site
called Hungry Nation,
they have many cooking and food related videos
My favour one is the VendrTV.
In the newest episode, the host Daniel brought us to Taxes
When I was watching it,
I feel like I need to go there right now
and try the magical peanut butter curry fried bun!
The bun is playing a more important role here,
check out the video and you will know what I mean
There are not much food vendor in Toronto,
but I will try to take some picture of the local ones
and share more with you on my blog
Stay tune!

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