Monday, July 27, 2009

key01-yaaClothset Sachet



To make the clothset sachet, you need:
Dry lavender or rose 1 Tsp
Scrap fabric
Ribbon 6"
Masking tap or a cup or anything that helps you to draw a circle

-Cut 2 circles out from the scrap fabric, using a masking tap or cup as a guide
-Sew the circles together, right sides up, leaving about an inch open
-Stuff cotton loosely and fill in the dry lavender
-Fold the ribbon in half, attach it in the open area, sew

I picked my own lavender from the garden, they have such a strong fragrance..
If you want yours to be extra strong, you can put about 2 drops of lavender essence oil in the cotton to enhance the smell

Thursday, July 16, 2009

key01-yaaMini Sausage & Mushroom Tarts



The mini sausage and mushroom tarts is sweet and savory,
I used some leftover sweet paste from the freezer for them.
I actually made two versions, one has only mushroom and egg filling (extra cheese too!)

Button mushroom 6 (sliced)
Cooked sausage or hot dog 2 (sliced)
Eggs 2
Water 100ml
Milk 100ml
Salt and Pepper to taste
Old chedder chesse 1/2 cup(shredded)

-Mix eggs, salt, pepper, water and milk together
-Roll the dough to about 1/4 inch, cut small circles to fit them in the mini pie molds, make a few holes with a fork
-Add a couple slices of mushroom and sausage in each pie, top with some cheese
-Fill each pie with egg mixture
-Bake 260'F for 25 mins




key01-yaaCream Caramel



A friend requested this Cream Caramel recipe,
hope you can enjoy it too =)

Recipe: (12-3")
Sugar 400g
-Place the pot on high heat
-When the pot is very hot, turn to medium heat and add 1/4 of sugar, let it melt, then add the rest of them gradually
-Pour small amount in to each small ramekin, allow them cool (takes about 10min in room temperature

Eggs 8
Sugar 200g
Whole milk 1L
Vanilla 1Tsp
-Mix egg and sugar with a egg beater
-Add milk and vanilla, mix untill blended
-Strain the custard into a measure cup (easier to pour)
-Bake in a water bath 350'F for 35-40 mins


Monday, July 13, 2009

key01-yaaChinese Fry Bread



Using the same recipe for Chinese Bun Dough,
add some chopped green onion, sesame seed and salt
it's great to serve with stew or soup

-First, you need to roll the dough into a long shape,add 1tsp of onion and sprinkle a lot of sesame seed, roll it and make a swirl out of it
-Flatten the swirl and roll again, add more sesame seed on top
-Pan fry for about 2 min per side, or until its golden



Sunday, July 12, 2009

key01-yaaChinese Veg Bun



Irresistible Chinese Bun!
This is my first time making these little ones,
so the look isn't perfect,
they are very easy to make..


Vegetable Stuffing:
1 carrot, peeled, julienned
1/4 cabbage, sliced
salt a pinch
pepper to taste
1tsp veg oil
3-4 slice ginger (chopped)

-on high heat, stir fry all the ingredients until they soften up
-do not add water because the vegetable has enough moisture
-let it cool before using

Chinese Bun Dough:
500g all purpose flour
1tsp baking powder
8g instant yeast
1.5cup warm water
40g sugar

-add yeast and sugar into water, let it dissolve for about 5-10min
-mix flour, baking powder, add yeast mixture
-mix until it form a dough, brush a touch of oil and cover up with a wet tea towel for 1 hr 30min
-divide the dough into 16 pieces
-dust flour onto the rolling surface, roll the small piece to a circle
-stuff about a Tsp of veg in the middle
-use two fingers to close the edge as the picture shown
-steam 12-15min on medium heat
-lid remain covered for 3 min after the steaming process is done



key01-yaaAll-in-One Fruit Flan



I had so much trouble finding this 9' pie flan,
finally got 2 at St.Lawrence Market in the early morning,
They are my weekly project in baking class..
It is not just a fruit flan, it layers with chocolate, custard, sponge cake and fruits.

Sweet Paste:
Sugar 300g
Shortening 500g
Salt a pinch
Vanilla 1tsp
Eggs 2
Milk 120ml
Pastry flour 880g
Baking powder 1/2 tsp

-Mix sugar, shortening, salt and vanilla together
-Add eggs, continue mixing
-Sift flour and baking powder, add them and milk to mixture, mix untill blended
-Chill for 1 hr before rolling

Custard Filling:(this is a little different than the one I used for the puff cookies)
Milk 1L
Sugar 100g
Corn starch 100g
Eggs 3
Vanilla 1Tsp
Salt a pinch

-Boil milk, vanilla, salt and 50g sugar
-Beat eggs, corn starch and 50g sugar in a big bowl
-Pour half of the egg mixture in the boiling milk
-Now return the milk mixture to the other half of the egg mixture, stir
-Strain the egg mixture and pour everything back to the pot, cook untill it bubble up
-Remove from heat, spread on a cook pan and refrigerator

Fruit Flan:
Melted dark chocolate
Almond flaks (optional)
Sponge cake sheet (optional)
Glace (you can buy the small glace package and just add hot water in it)

-Coat the inside of the crust to prevent any moisture
-Spread custard on it and top with sponge cake sheet (its ok with you don't have sponge cake sheet, just skip this)
-Top with fruits, can be fresh or canned, glace and sprinkle some almond on


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eat Local! Canadian! (and Global?)


I did not notice how important it is for us to eat local,
since I watched the foodnetwork show 100miles,
I figured out it is not just something good for health,
but also helping the entire environment..
Hellmann's suggests to eat local,
Why? watch the video and help our own country.
Image worth a million words, go now at
Remember Look, Ask and Fill =)
Be proud to our Ontario Farms,
Start eating local !

For some updates here:
I read an article from Reader Digest,
it argues how important it is for us to eat not just local,
Farms in California produce strawberries and provide world wide 356 days a year,
instead, in Ontario, we have much less harvest cause of the cold weather.
We will require more energy and resources to grow same quality strawberry locally all year long in Ontario,
which means more green gas will be used and more pollution to our country.
Also, trading across countries help economy grow.
What happen if the global food trading greatly decrease?
Organic local food does not mean they are healthier or more nutritional.
Some land is better for one plant and another is more beneficial for another.
As a result, we should balance up our consumerism and not only eat local.
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