Wednesday, March 13, 2013

key01-yaaVeggie Spring Rolls


A friend saw this picture and asked me for the recipe!
I think I should also share with all of you too.
Hope you will enjoy this Veggie Spring Rolls =)

-Cabbage 1/4
-Carrot 1
-Dried Tofu 2
-Shitake Mushroom 3
-Dried Flat Mushroom aka. "Wood Ear" 2
-Eggs 2+1
-Garlic 3 cloves (Optional)
-Spring Roll Wraps 1 pack (Large size)

-Salt 1.5 tsp
-White Pepper 1/4 tsp
-Soy Sauce 1Tsp
-Five Spice a pinch
-Chicken Seasoning (Or Mushroom seasoning to make it vegan)

1. Slice all the ingredients except the last three; Mince Garlic
2. Beat 2 Eggs and Fried them like the crepe, then slice
3. Add Oil to a bit pot, on medium heat, stir fry the ingredients in order, 15-20min
4. Drain All liquid from the pot, let cool
5. Cut Spring Roll wraps to quarters, fill around 1 tsp veggie filling per roll, seal with Egg wash (1 Egg + same amount of water)
6. Heat Frying oil on medium, use chopstick to hold the opening of the spring roll and lightly drop it to the oil. Hold the spring roll in the oil for 10 sec before let it fry on itself to prevent breaking. Around 10min.

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