Monday, April 4, 2011

key01-yaaMacaroons Nightmare!



My old macaroon recipe just disappear in the house,
so I had to find one on the Internet!

Of course, I failed on my first attempt, as it usually do to others.
Macaroons is such a challenging pastry to make.
Temperature, process, ingredients all matter!
But most importantly is to have the heart to make tasty macaroons.

So the next day, I went to get new ingredients.
First of all, I brought my eggs into room temperature.
Then, I weighted out the almonds, blenched, peeled, toasted and grounded.
Next just get everything ready and get started!

I was using NotSoHumblePie technique,
it is really helpful,
just read them all before you start!
I want to thank Ms.Not-so-humble for doing all this hard work!

After 48 hours, I got all my 45 boxes macaroons packed!
Now, they are ready to delivery to the ready-to-marry couple!


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