Monday, February 22, 2010

key01-yaaV-day Chocolate


Whats the best thing to do before V-day?
Ofcourse is to get together with your girlfriends
and make some handmade truffle for your love one.
They are simple to make and taste wonderful



What you need for the Truffle is a few basic things.
Dark Chocolate
35% Whipping Cream
Any type of nuts or dried fruit(I used hazeal nuts, peanut and almond)
Cocoa powder
1-First, boil the cream
2-Then pour the cream into your chopped chocolate, let it sit for about 1min, stir until melt
3-Refregerate for 2 hours
4-Scope a small round ball from the chocolate, instert whole nuts or dried fruit, roll it into round shape
5-Roll on cocoa powder or chopped nuts, done!

Please leave a message here if you need exact measurement of my recipe for the cream and chocolate
Because some people like softer ones and some like sweeter ones,
it is hard to say how much till you find out what one works the best for your love.



Chocolate Lolipops
They are even easier to make.
Just melt your quality chocolate in a bowl on top of a pot of boiling water
Pour them into the mode, shake out the bubbles,
and finally put a stick in the chocolate,
let it set in the refregerator, done!

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