Tuesday, April 13, 2010

key01-yaaMocha Mousse Cake




I made this Poker Birthday Cake for my friend Marka,
we play poker together all the time and this is where the idea came from,
I basically just print the card symbol from Internet,
and using a wax paper to trace them!
The party got very exciting after he blew on the candle!
Because we had a big surprise for him...

Marka likes almost everything,
but we know what he loves is only one thing!
That's right, his girlfriend in Japan,
we had 24 hrs to contact her,
so we stole her email address while Marka was in the restroom,
then contact her and asked her to record a video!
Awww, it was very sweet, she is very shy
but she sent it right at the time when we brought the cake out
I hope Marka had a happy wonderful Birthday Party!

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