Thursday, May 20, 2010

key01-yaaRaisin Bread




I am posting more bread recipes for you who has no bread machine.
Because I don't too, haha
And I also kind of enjoy the kneading process of bread making.
So here is a Raisin bread recipe.
From this last baking experience,
this dough is very moist,
I believe it will be easier to make and separate the dough into 2 different baking pans.

Instant dry yeast 2tsp
Warm water 100g

All purpose flour 380g
Sugar 45g
Salt a pinch
Water 100ml
Egg 1
Milk powder 1tsp

Melted butter 20g
Raisin 80g (soak in water for 10min, drain)

1- Add dry yeast to the warm water, stir and let it sit for 5min
2- Mix flour, sugar, salt, mix powder in a large bowl, make a hole in the center and add water, egg and yeast mixture, stir with the back of a wooden spoon
3- When they are all combined, use your hand to form the dough into a ball, brush a large bowl with the butter, place the dough inside and cover up with plastic wrap, let it rise for 1 hour
4- Punch all the air out, make it into 2 ball, reshape, cover up and let it rise for 15min
5- Next, roll out the dough on a floured surface, add raisin and roll up into a loaf, put in the bread baking pan and let rise for 30min
6- Brush egg wash on the dough (optional) Bake 360'F for 20min

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