Sunday, February 6, 2011

key01-yaaHappy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese new year everyone!
This lunar year is Rabbit!
I wish you all and your family good health and good forturn..

I celabrited my new year day with my family at a family friend's restaurant,
we had lion dance during lunch!
It was so fun, and all the food, drums and noise from people bring up the tradition atmostphese!

On my blog, I want to share a little story with you about Chinese new year. via chinesefortunecalendar

"Nobody knows when the legendary story about Nian began. Nian was a ferocious and carnivorous beast. It had lion-type head with elephant-type body. Nian couldn't find the food in the cold winter time, because many animals hibernated in the mountains. It must go down from the mountain to find the livestock. Later, It become a man-eater.

Nian was too strong to kill. Every winter night, people must stay inside the house. Years later, people found Nian was afraid of red, fire and noisy sound. So they cut red-color peach wood hanging on the door, made a campfire in the front of the door. When Nian approached the village, then people put the bamboo into the fire to make cracking sound. They also beat the metal kitchen and farming utensils to make noisy sound to scare Nian away.

People survived, celebrated and said congratulation each other on the next day. People felt like a restarting point after passing the disaster. Then, they called Guo-Nian (passing Nian) as the day before the new starting day."

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