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key01-yaaMarshmallow Fondant Cake: CHANEL



This is the most complicated cake I have ever made,
but was great working with fondant,
I just feel like playing the playdoh again,
I spent 2 and a half day working on this cake for my best friend's birthday,
she loves it very much,
I am showing the process and some recipes of this CHANEL cake,
feel free to ask any question here

Recipes in this post: Marshmallow Fondant Recipe/ Pink Velvet Cake Recipe/ Jam Syrup Recipe/ Butter Cream Recipe/


1-First, I made a couple sketches for the cake


2- I follow a funny video for this homemade marshmallow fondant via on Youtube, it turns out very delicious
But I changed the recipe a little

Fondant recipe:
Water 2tsp
Marshmallow 400g
Icing Sugar 750g

-Microwave the whole pack of marshmallow with water for 2min
-Stir for 1min or until the marshmallow melted
-Add icing sugar a cup at a time
-Dust icing sugar on the work surface, work it into a dough, make sure theres no lumps
-Wrap the dough with plastic wrap and cool in the fridge for at least 30min before using
-Microwave 8 sec before using the dough, so its a lot easier to work with


3-Add food coloring to small amount of the dough, I made some flowers and pearls out of it, refregrate for 15min, bring them back to room temperture after


4-Okay, make one 8" devils food cake and one 8" pink velvet cake
this is my Pink Velvet Cake, it was my first time making it, should have added more red coloring to the cake mixture, now only the center of the cake is pink

Pink Velvet Cake recipe:
Sugar 240g
Crisco veggie shortening 80g (room temperature)
Salt a pinch
Water 80ml
2% milk 80ml
Vanilla 2tsp
Red food coloring 4-5 drops
All purpose flour 200g
Baking powder 5g
Baking soda 2g
Eggs 2

-Cream the shorenting, sugar and salt with egg beater
-Add Sift flour and water to the shortening mixture, continue beating on low for 3min, scrape
-Gradually add eggs and vanilla
-Scrape the bowl and mix on medium speed for 1 min, stir in food coloring
-Grease the mold and dust flour on it, baking 380'F for 30-40 min
-Unmold and let cool when it comes out the oven


5-Step 5 is to slice each cake into 3 layers, brush jam syrup and spread butter cream on each layer, and do the same till you get 3 pink layers and 2 chocolate layers, mask the cake with butter cream, cool in the fridge for 30min, save one chocolate slice for the top tier

Jam Syrup recipe:
Blackberry Jam 3Tsp (you can use any kind of jam)
Water 6Tsp
Sugar 1tsp

-Just stir them until blended

Butter Cream recipe:
Crisco shortening 1/2 cup
Butter 1/2 cup (room tempeture)
Vanilla Extract 1 tsp
Icing sugar 4 cups
Salt pinch
Milk 2 tsp

-Cream shortening and butter
-Add vanilla, salt
-Slowly add sugar, a cup at a time, continue beating medium speed on the mixer, scrap and mix
-Add milk and beat untill fluffy
-The butter cream can be store in a airtight contianer in the freezer up to 2 months; in refrigerator up to 2 weeks. Rewhip before using.


6- Now roll your fondant to 1/4" thick and lay it carefully on the cake, trim the extra fondant on the side with a pizza knief, use a clean ruler to make marks on the cake, add the pearls that were made earlier, use water as glue
It is very important, NOT to store you fondant covered cake in the fridge, it will sweat and may destory the perfect look or design on your cake
Yes, it was my first time making it, I put my cake in the fridge too, I was nervous and went on google to find solution
At the end I put the cake out within a cardboard box, it eventually come back to room temperture after 5-6 hrs, the fondant sweated but the cake itself and the box absorb back the moisture,
I believe it was because my cake was not very wet or the fondant could possiblely crack and collaps
Your left over fondant should be store in a air tight bag in the fridge; however, onces its on the cake it should stay in room temperture, thats why a lot of the people recomment to use butter cream inside a fondant covered cake


7-For the top tier, I used the left over chocolate spong. What you need to do is a find a contianer that is the size and shape u are looking for, lay a plastic wrap over
Cut the spong into strips, line it up at both the bottom and the side inside the container, brush jam syrup, spread some buttercream and add some diced peach (I just use canned peach here), do another layer and cover up with more sponge cake, press lightly
Seal with plastic wrap, let it set in fridge for 1 hr, unmold carefully and mask with more butter cream,
Last, cover it with some pink fondant and set in room tempeture


8-Almost done here, play with your fondant and food coloring, be creative, just need to finish decorating
For the brown fondant, I used some cocoa powder
Also, chocolate/candy melt work well on fondant too
Before you top your small cake on the base, you will need to find the middle point of the bottom cake, stick 3 bubble tea straws in the middle (make a triangle, all straws should be the same height as the bottom cake)


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