Sunday, August 8, 2010

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Cheung Chau is a beautiful small island in Hong Kong.
It is a fish village with a rich history and culture

Getting there:
You can take a 30min ferry at Central port to Cheung Chau.
There are two types of ferry.
The express will get you there faster without seasickness
If you choose to take the slower boat, you can grab a seat at the end of the boat and enjoy the wind with the fresh air from sea.

There are many small cafes and restaurants on the island
My friend and I went to this traditional cafe for a modern glass of ice coffee
The interior of this cafe stays in the 60s 70s era
Surprisingly they taste just as good as those I can get in Toronto

The weather in Summer Hong Kong is very very hot
It was over 35'c that day
When we were on the way to the beach, we kept seeing people holding this fruit Popsicle
After a turn at the corner,
We FOUND the vendor!
Of course we got one too!
This is super refreshing under a sunny day.

If you have been to Cheung Chau, you would know about this bun
This is as big as my hand.
You can still find this bun at a few bakeries on the island.
They usually comes in two sweet flavours, red bean and lotus paste.

This bun came from Cheung Chau Bun Festival (包山節)
Village people would build a tower with thousands of this bun to celebrate Buddha's birthday
Visitors were welcome to join the bun-snatching competition during the celebration
The locals believe the person who catch the bun from the top of the tower will receive a great fortune.
However, the bun-snatching ritual was abandoned by the government due to the 1978 collapse.

Before you leave the island,
you must check out the dried seafood vendors.
My grandma loves the strong flavour of the dried seafood,
I got her a famous salted fish and some dried shrimps.
She uses a lot of these to make Cantonese soup and dishes.
I will write more about these dishes later on

If you get a chance to go to Hong Kong, I strongly recommend you to spend a day to Cheung Chau Island to experience another side of Hong Kong

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