Monday, January 17, 2011

key01-yaaCarolicious's kind of Holiday


I am so sorry for not updating this blog,
my holiday was all about cooking, inviting friends and getting fat!
I want to share with you all for some of the recipes I used during Christmas
They are easy to prepare and taste good too!

First to start with some appetizers,
prosciutto wrapped melon,,
simple and elegant!
the saltiness balance out the sweetness very well.
cut the prosciutto in long piece,
wrap the melon and add some fresh grounded pepper,
you have just got an amazing dish for everyone!

Next, we have scallop carpaccio!
Sound fancy doesn't it?
I bought a ready-to-eat scallop carpaccio package at Food and Wine festival
It is also available in Sobey freezer aisle.
Run the package in cool water before opening it.
I basically just garnish with some chives and pepper,
there is nothing better to make on a busy day

By the way Thank you to my friend Momo for demonstrating how to cut a cake..
She is very sweet!
I made a quick chestnut cake from starch.
Sure, it didn't cost me too much time!
So I baked sponge cake on the night before,
when it was cool, I wrapped it with plastic wrap to prevent it from drying.
The next day, I whipped some cream,
added half a can of chestnut puree (about 250g)
and 1 shot glass of rum to the mixture,
brush each layer of the cake with a 30sec microwave syrup
layer the cake with the chestnut goodness,
let it set in the refrigerator!
Just like another version of your basic whip topping cake

Last be not lease!
I want to show you what I did from the time I saved up from the traditional messy cooking,
A good meal doesn't have to be complicated.
I actually got time to shower, dress up and do my make up + hair before the guests arrived!
Try the simple recipes to make your holiday even more fun!

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