Monday, January 17, 2011

key01-yaaSteak 101


A steak on a square plate!

How to pan fry a steak 101??
1) you never want to salt your steak before it gets on the pan
Because the salt will dehydrate the juice from the meat! And we want to keep them in every bite!
2) season it with black pepper only for a original flavour
When your steak is fresh, you really want to keep it simple for its best taste..
3) massage your steak with olive oil
The oil help create a crust when you pan fry it on a very hot pan,
it also give a great texture to your steak while keeping all the moisture.

OK, to start,
heat the pan to sizzling hot
add a tea spoon or so olive oil
pan fry each side for about 3 min to get a medium rare taste (4-5 for medium)
let your steak to rest for 3 min before serving

Don't waste the goodness!
What I like to do after is to add red wine and salt to the oil in the pan,
deglaze all the fat and juice to make a thin sauce for the steak!

I hope you will enjoy a budget friendly fine meal too!

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