Tuesday, August 16, 2011

key01-yaaFrench Macaroons with "Pied"


Macaroons is a pain for home kitchen.
I have tried many times, failed many times.
Finally, I made the perfect macaroons with "pied".

If you did the same, you need to read this.
I would like to share a few must-know from my experience.
To prevent failing it again.
I recommend to read Not so Humble Pie's article on macaroons 101 first.
However, I wasn't using the same recipe.
I know you want it! Keep reading!


What is "Pied"?
It is a very elegant bottom layer of a macaroon.
Looks like the lace from French a under garment.
Possible reasons for not getting the pied on your macaroons:
1)The Baking time is too short.
2)The temperature is too low.

What are the must-know in French macaroons baking?
1- Measure the ingredients very carefully
2- Room temperature egg whites
3- Using a very clean, stainless steels or copper bowl for mixing
4- I used a small egg beater for small portion
5- Gentle in folding the whites, over work will lose the air in the whites
6- Sieve almond powder and icing sugar together, twice
7- Use powder or gel coloring only (very important!)
8- Bake on parchment sheet
9- Allow the piped macaroons to dry for about 30-45 mins (depends on the weather, may take longer in a rainy day)
; dry means when you touch the macaroons, nothing stick on your finger 10- Pre heat the oven to 350'F, Bake at 275'F (the number is based on mine, it may varies from different home oven)
11- If your oven is not conventional, bake on the upper and 2nd upper rack
12- Allow them to cool down before removing from the parchment paper

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