Monday, April 26, 2010

key01-yaaRaw sausage sandwich?




Have you ever heard of a Raw sausage sandwich?
I was just watching David Rocco's show on Food network Canada
Today's episode is about making Hamburger,
he was in a farm where the local shares a Raw sausage sandwich with him.
They basically just break a raw sausage on a bread with a slice of cheese
(haha, yes...those raw sausage you see in the super market)
But I am sure those are very fresh and well seasoned,
After I looked up on google,
They are actually called "Cannibal Sandwich"
This way of eating started in 1890s,
similar to beef tartare,
a more familiar name,
just like seafood sashimi,
the meat has to meet a certain grade in order to be safe to serve raw
Some people believe they are more nutritional and flavourful than to be cooked
to read more info about this Raw sausage sandwich
you can find the info at The Big Apple and a simple recipe at Tattfoo

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