Friday, April 23, 2010

key01-yaaRetro Updo 1


Its time to go back to the 40s on your look!
I found 2 must have for a Retro make over..
First! Of course a up do!
check out this helpful video on YouTube,,

This is how I did on my hair, I follow the tutorial steps,
except on the sides, I roll them to the back instead..
Because my hair isn't long enough to make them stay still on the top,
you can personalize your up do depends on the length of your hair.
This is a look from the back.


Secondly! another must have is a bright red lipstick..
DSC02403 copy

My friend Becky and I have been waiting for this Chanel Rouge Coco #19
It is always sold out in all the stores,
Finally we scouted the last 2 at Yorkdale Mall..
Very lovely,this red lipstick makes your skin extra bright...
It gives you a super duper retro look.
Any brand will do.
For a long lasting color:
1. wear Vaseline or lip balm, let it sit for 5min, lightly wipe it off (your lips need to be very moist before wearing heavy color like red)
2. put foundation on your lips and pad with some powder
3. outline your lips with a nude color pencil, this prevent bleeding
4. lastly, wear your stunning red lipstick! (Remember to check your teeth once in a while, you don't want to look like a vampire)

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