Sunday, July 4, 2010

key01-yaaOdaiba Hot grill fried noodles



Odaiba is about 30min from downtown Tokyo by train.
It is a small island located at Tokyo coast; many couples like to spend their weekend there.
We went there mainly for the 70s look of Japan.
There are 3 shopping mall connected together by the board walk.
The 70s street look of Japan is located just above the “Little Hong Kong” floor of the “Deck”.
There are also 100 yen shops and other department stores around the area.

When you get tried from all the shopping,
You can find the food court at one of the mall basement area for some local snack.
The portion of this meal is enough for mom and I.
It is fried noodles on a hot grill, including one side and one drink. (we got fried chicken skewer and yogurt drink)
It was 950 yen, approximately $10 CAD.

If you keep walking on the board walk, you will find this Takoyaki vender.
They sells all kind of Tokoyaki (Grilled Octopus balls).
They top it with some fish flakes.
The fish flakes dance on the Tokoyaki because of the steam,
it is fun to watch them and more fun to eat them.

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