Saturday, July 3, 2010

key01-yaaConvenient Stores in Japan



Why do we all love Japanese convenient stores?
First of all, they are 24 hrs/.
Secondly, they are everywhere, usually 2 or 3 located near your hotel.
And lastly, they sell almost everything you could think of.

Oh, forget to mention that mom and I had so much fun doing shopping in the convenient stores.
We had convenient dinner for 2 nights.
They were cheap, fresh and tasty.
Our meal including Grilled salted fish, King crab legs, Egg tofu, Pickles, Sashimi, Five Beans salad, Hot soup with pork, Grapefruit drink and Plum wine.

Nothing is better then this paper box plum wine after a meal.
Japanese convenient stores carry all kind of liquor in small size.
Don’t you worry about alcohol in the late night.

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