Sunday, July 4, 2010

key01-yaaUnderground food court



It is way too hot to walk around on the street during summer time in Japan.
We have found an underground food court right at Shinjuku station.
There are many kind restaurants, from sushi place, to tempura place, to steak house to noodles place; they are all inside the underground food court.

The bean curd udon soup only cost me 450 yen, which is about $5 CAD.
When I order this, I pointed at the food display model and bang! They guessed what I wanted.
Mom chose something more flavorful, she ordered a stew beef undo soup.
It is only 500 yen ($5.25 CAD).

=p hehe, I just want to show you this last picture to make you starve for this.
Seafood tempura don!
Don in Japanese means rice.
They lightly fried all the seafood (shrimp, fish of all kind and veggie) and top it on a bowl of hot steam rice, drizzle some secret soy sauce with the sizzle sound. LOVE IT!
This set with clam miso soup cost 2200 yen ($25 CAD).

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