Saturday, July 3, 2010

key01-yaaTraditional Japanese Breakfast



I always admire the art of Japanese food.
They believe food has it own nature spirit.
To respect the spirit and customers, they would give the food its best taste and the best presentation.
This traditional Japanese breakfast is simple.
Yet, many chefs spent hours and hours in the kitchen to prepare this meal.
From the way they cut the vegetables to pickles to plating, the chiefs make this meal magical to us.
The breakfast set (from top left): Pouched hot spring egg, Boiled fresh vegetables, Local grown cabbage salad, Pickled seaweed and Steamed white fishes. Served with steamed rice, Mushroom miso soup and Grinded cinnamon vine paste.

What really is pouched hot spring egg?
It is basically just pouched egg. The only different is that the egg is cooked in hot spring. The temperature of the hot spring can easy achieve the perfect cooking process for the egg. Allow the egg yoke to remain soft and smooth.

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