Sunday, July 12, 2009

key01-yaaAll-in-One Fruit Flan



I had so much trouble finding this 9' pie flan,
finally got 2 at St.Lawrence Market in the early morning,
They are my weekly project in baking class..
It is not just a fruit flan, it layers with chocolate, custard, sponge cake and fruits.

Sweet Paste:
Sugar 300g
Shortening 500g
Salt a pinch
Vanilla 1tsp
Eggs 2
Milk 120ml
Pastry flour 880g
Baking powder 1/2 tsp

-Mix sugar, shortening, salt and vanilla together
-Add eggs, continue mixing
-Sift flour and baking powder, add them and milk to mixture, mix untill blended
-Chill for 1 hr before rolling

Custard Filling:(this is a little different than the one I used for the puff cookies)
Milk 1L
Sugar 100g
Corn starch 100g
Eggs 3
Vanilla 1Tsp
Salt a pinch

-Boil milk, vanilla, salt and 50g sugar
-Beat eggs, corn starch and 50g sugar in a big bowl
-Pour half of the egg mixture in the boiling milk
-Now return the milk mixture to the other half of the egg mixture, stir
-Strain the egg mixture and pour everything back to the pot, cook untill it bubble up
-Remove from heat, spread on a cook pan and refrigerator

Fruit Flan:
Melted dark chocolate
Almond flaks (optional)
Sponge cake sheet (optional)
Glace (you can buy the small glace package and just add hot water in it)

-Coat the inside of the crust to prevent any moisture
-Spread custard on it and top with sponge cake sheet (its ok with you don't have sponge cake sheet, just skip this)
-Top with fruits, can be fresh or canned, glace and sprinkle some almond on


  1. it takes some time to make it, but you will be happy for the result ^^


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