Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eat Local! Canadian! (and Global?)


I did not notice how important it is for us to eat local,
since I watched the foodnetwork show 100miles,
I figured out it is not just something good for health,
but also helping the entire environment..
Hellmann's suggests to eat local,
Why? watch the video and help our own country.
Image worth a million words, go now at
Remember Look, Ask and Fill =)
Be proud to our Ontario Farms,
Start eating local !

For some updates here:
I read an article from Reader Digest,
it argues how important it is for us to eat not just local,
Farms in California produce strawberries and provide world wide 356 days a year,
instead, in Ontario, we have much less harvest cause of the cold weather.
We will require more energy and resources to grow same quality strawberry locally all year long in Ontario,
which means more green gas will be used and more pollution to our country.
Also, trading across countries help economy grow.
What happen if the global food trading greatly decrease?
Organic local food does not mean they are healthier or more nutritional.
Some land is better for one plant and another is more beneficial for another.
As a result, we should balance up our consumerism and not only eat local.

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