Monday, June 21, 2010

key01-yaaBirthday Dinner Review



It was my Birthday last month.
I have been too busy to post up photos and recipes for my Birthday dinner.
I invited 8 people to the dinner that night, and spent hours in the kitchen to prepare the meal.
That night, we had a 3 course dinner in South East Asian theme.


First, we have mango salad with Vietnamese sausage and fried tofu.
I made the dressing with fish sauce, lime along with fried shallot oil.


Second course, I prepared my family famous recipe Burmese Coconut Chicken noodle soup.
The soup base taste like a enlighten curry chicken sauce.
I used spaghetti instead of the tradition oiled noodle, which I believe it is healthier.
I topped it with fried onion for some crispy texture, hard boil egg for the richness and coriander for fragrance.


Another plate was also serving as a main course.
I made roasted lemon grass pork tender loin and pineapple fried rice.
The pork tender loin was my first time recipe.
They did not turn out as good as I expected, I was a little disappointed with that.
But at least I have got the fried rice done right.
I was using canned pineapple and sausage that I just pick up in the supermarket.
I pre-made them and kept them warm in the rice cooker until I needed them.
For a final touch, I added Malaysian pork floss to balance with the pineapple.
It was the first time that I did not prepare dessert for dinner.
I was really running out of time working on all this first time recipes.
Glad my thoughtful friends bought me 2 cakes for dinner. Everyone was very full and happy that night.

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