Friday, June 25, 2010

key01-yaaSummer in Japan





All these words brought me to Japan this summer.
Since I was coming back to Hong Kong to visit my family.
Mom and I planned to stay in Japan for 5 days on our way back to Hong Kong.
I booked the hotel on
Search for transportation direction and printed off maps from google.
I was all ready for this trip.
(If you would like to find out time table and price for train and subway in Tokyo in advance, I strongly recommend this site , all you need is the name of the place. I searched in English and it shows in Chinese and Japanese characters, please let me know if you will need help with it.)


First night, we went to a hot spring hotel at Choshi.
It is on the east of downtown Tokyo, near by the sea, 2 hours away from Narita Airport.
It cost about $150 USD per person (the cheapest one), including 1 night 2 meals and hot spring bath tax.
You can also choose other deal on the website.
To book this hotel, you will need to visit their website at

Unfortunately, it is only available in Japanese.
Now it is time to figure out how to book this local hotel.
I then found this free translation site, Worldlingo
all you need is to fill in a form on Gyoukeikan site to reserve a room.
You can always email to the hotel staff (in English)
they will provide very clear direction and answer all you questions in English.

When we arrive Choshi station, we called the hotel at a phone booth. (cost 10 yen, make sure you have some change with you. If you don't, there is a 24 hr conventience store at the station)
We only waited about 10 min, they send a shuttle bus to the station to pick us up.


After we checked-in the hotel, we have got 45 min to rest before they serve dinner in our room.
Yes, in the room =)
We managed to have a quick shower in the public bath and rest up in the hot spring.
They have some tranditional bath robe in different sizes for you to wear to the hot spring,
ofcourse we took some nice picture in it.


Dinner time!
I swear I have never had so much seafood in my life.
I didn't like raw fish/ sashimi but you must try the freshest ones in Japan.
Everything is caught in the sea near by the hotel.
I can't tell you everything because I will let you to experience your own.
Mom and I had so much fun during the stay.

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