Tuesday, June 1, 2010

key01-yaaWasaga Beach & Tofu fish cake




What is the best place to go in summer time?
Beach of course.
This year I decided to celebrate my Birthday on the beach with the lovely weather.
We simply bought everything from supermarket without spending hours to prepare in the kitchen.
Here is the Grill!


People often ask what is the square things?
I beg you want to know too.
They are Asian tofu fish cake that has invented in the past few years.
They are not as tough as fish cake,
very soft inside, almost like a uncooked marshmallow.
The taste is also lighter then original fish cake but still very flavourful.
If you live in the Toronto area,
you can easily find them in Asian supermarket (like T&T, Sunshine, etc.) freezer aisle
They are good for both grilling and in soup.

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