Wednesday, June 9, 2010

key01-yaaCheese Sticks!




They are my experiment.
I was baking some French Baguette but I thought maybe I want cheese inside.
I have a big chunk of Canadian Havarti Cheese sleeping in my refrigerator and thought I should stuff some of this in my baguette before they go bad.
I follow the French Baguette recipe
Divide the dough into quarters instead of halves.
Roll chunks of yummy cheese inside. ( you can use chedder or other kind of aged cheese)
I did the 3 cuts on the top just like regular baguette too,
that can allow the steam to come out.
I also grill the bread in the oven for extra 1 min to give it a golden, more appetite look.

After they are baked, you will notice the bottom of the bread is very crispy because of the cheese oil.
This is very tasty as is.
I did not wait for it to cool and finished half a stick right the way.

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