Monday, June 29, 2009

key01-yaaBlack Forest Cake


My very first Black Forest Cake,
I made two of this beautiful cake in class,

Devil's food cake:
sugar 235g
butter 80g (room temperature)
salt a pinch
water 160ml
vanilla 1tsp
pastry flour 160g
cocoa powder 45g
milk powder 45g
baking powder 5g
baking soda 2g
eggs 2-3

-Cream the butter, sugar and salt with egg beater
-Sift all the powder and flour, add them and water to the butter mixture, continue beating on low for 3-5min
-Gradually add eggs
-Scrape the bowl and mix on medium speed untill blended
-Grease the mold and dust flour on, baking 380'F for 30-40 min
-Unmold when it comes out the oven

Black forest cake:
cherry pie filling (or cherry jam)
whipped cream
syrup + water (1:2)

-cut your cake into 3 layers
-apply syrup, jam and cream on each layer
-mask the cake with whipped cream


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