Thursday, June 25, 2009

key01-yaaKorean Side Dish - Lotus Roots



I felt in love with this Korean side dish at the first time I tasted it,
This is sweet and has a touch of saltiness..
Yesterday I found a very helpful site for cooking Korean dishes,
"My Korean Kitchen" walk through the complicated transitional cooking step by step with pictures,
very easy to understand..

I changed the recipe a little for my own preference
Here is my version of the Recipe:

Lotus Root 300g (easy to find in Oriental Supermarket)
Water 4 Cups
Apple Vinegar 1 tsp (to prevent the root to turn purple)

Sauce#1: Soy sauce 2 Tsp, Rice Wine 1.5 Tsp, Water 1/4 Cup, Brown sugar 1 Tsp
Sauce#2: Corn starch 1 tsp, Cold water 1 Tsp, Sesame seed 2 tsp, Sesame oil 2 tsp

1- Peel and slice your lotus root thinly, soak in water for 5min
2- Boil the roots with water and vinegar for 20min
3- Drain and run in cold water for 2min
4- Back in the pot, add sauce#1, medium heat, allow the sauce reduce untill 1/3 is left
5- Add sauce#2, cook for another min or two on high heat


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