Wednesday, June 3, 2009




A tasty Japanese Street food!
This recipe is a little more difficult, but it is so worth the time to make it after you have your first bite!

Pastry Flour 200g
Water 300ml
Egg 1
Sugar 1Tsp
Japanese Fish stock power 1tsp

Chopped Cabbage 1/4
Chopped Green Onion 2
Chopped Pickled Red Ginger 1Tsp
Cooked Noodles (Udon/Soba/Oil noodles) 2cups
Bacon 1/4 pack (Divide each strip into 4)

Manjayaki sauce
Japanese Fish Flakes
Seaweed pieces

1- Mix batter, add cabbage, onion and ginger, set aside
2-Stir fry the noodle with a touch of oil, until it drys
3- Oil a non-stick pan, use medium heat, add 2 small slice of bacon, add 2 Tsp of batter on top, layer with a small handful of noodles, press, let it cook for 2min
4- Add another 2 Tsp of batter beside the pancake, flip the pancake over onto the new batter, it will become a sandwich, cook for another min
5- Finish with the toppings

Tips: If you are a vegetarian, you can substitute slice oyster mushroom for bacon and use vegetable stock. They are just as tasty!

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