Tuesday, June 23, 2009

key01-yaaSpritz Cookies



It melts right in your mouth..mhh

Cold Butter 330 (cute into small cubes)
Salt a pinch
Vanilla 2 drops
Lemon Zest 1/2
Icing sugar 200g
Eggs 3
Milk 250ml
Pastry Flour 250g
Bread Flour 250g

1-Mix butter and icing sugar,salt and vanilla with a paddle mixer (or use hand to crumble them into sugar then use a egg beater), untill they are well combinded together
2-Add lemon zest and eggs, beat for 1 min, then add milk, blended.
3-Sift flours and add into the mixture, mix for no longer than 30 sec
4-Pipe in a piping bag with star tip or sandwich bag
5-Bake 375'F 8-10 min
6-Finish up with jam or chocolate

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