Wednesday, August 5, 2009

key01-yaaPeach and Cherry Love Cake


If you like it sweet, you will like this Love Cake

Sponge Cake:

Eggs 3
Sugar 80g
Pastry Flour 80g (sieved)
Unsalted Butter 40g (melted)

1- Warm the egg and sugar over hot water (about 40'C) and whip until fluffy on high speed
2-Remove from steam, add flour
3-Slowly add butter, mix well with a spatula
4-Lay a piece of baking paper inside the mold, pour the mixture (2/3 full)
5-Bake 360'F 20-25min

Love Cake:
Whiping Cream 500ml
Sugar 2Tsp
Vanilla 2 drops
Canned Peach 1 (diced)
a Couple cheery for decorate
Pink sugar 2Tsp
Sliver Candy 1Tsp (or chocolate bits)
Heart shape cookie cutter

1-Cut the cake into 4 layers
2-Brush the first layer of cake with Peach juice from the can, layer with whipped cream and peach, continue for the next 2 layers
3-Mask the cake, decorate with cream and cheery
4-Place the heart shape cookie cutter in the middle, sprinkle pink sugar inside
5-Remove the cookie cutter, outline the heart with silver canday

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