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The baking party was fun! Everyone got a beautiful cake and a few glasses of strawberry parfait to bring home

Tiramisu Recipe:
Whipping Cream 250ml
Egg Yolk 3-4
Honey 50g
Sugar 50g
Gelatin 10g
Mascarpone cheese 500g
Instant coffee powder 15g
Hot water 125ml
Rum 1Tsp (optional)
Lady’s fingers
Extra Whipping Cream
Cocoa powder

1-Add coffee and rum and allow to dissolve in the hot water
2-Whip 250ml cream, set in fridge
3-Boil some water, put yolk and sugar in a large bowl, set the bowl on top of the steam, beat on egg mixer until turns white, add gelatin
4-Remove from heat, add honey, stir lightly
5-Fold Cheese into the yolk mixture, then fold in whipped cream
6-Put plastic wrap in the container
7-Dip each lady’s finger in the coffee quickly, lay in the bottom of container, add a thin layer of cheese mixture, and continue
8-The top should be covered with lady’s finger
9-Store in refrigerator for 30min, unmold carefully, apply whipped cream for a nice finishing, dust with cocoa powder

Here is my friend Yinyin's chocolate panda design for her cake:


Friends Leona and Yinyin's finished Tiramisu and Parfait cup

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