Wednesday, August 5, 2009

key01-yaaSummer Forest Cake


This Summer forest cake is pretty much a make-over from a original Black forest cake,
instead of cherry pie filling and dark chocolate shaves, I used grape jelly and white chocolate.

The basic devil's food cake
Grape jello powder 1 box
Hot water 1 cup + Cold water 3/4 cup
Blue food coloring 2-3 drops
Whipping cream 500ml
Vanilla 2drops
Sugar 2Tsp
Rum 1Tsp
Light Syrup 2Tsp
Fruit, Shaved white chocolate

1-Melt the jello powder with hot water, then add cold water and refridgrate untill set, cut in small pieces
2-Whip the cream with sugar and vanilla, mix with food coloring
3-Mix rum, syrup and 1Tsp of cold water in a mug
4-Similar to other layer cakes, brush rum mixture on each layer, add whipped cream and top with jello
5-Deco with fruit, white chocolate and whipped cream


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